Heater Range


Are you working in a cold garage, workshop or site? Or do you need a heater to warm the house up? Here at T For Tools we offer a wide selection of heaters to suit many needs whether it is for domestic use or for work purposes, included in our range are diesel space heaters (capable of running on paraffin or kerosene), gas heaters, electric heaters in 240v & 110v and infrared heaters for direct heating.

Infrared Heaters - Diesel

Are you looking for a more direct heat rather than warming up a space/area? Then an infrared heater is perfect for you; these heaters use an energy similar to the output of the sun and are used to directly heat an object, aqnd with this heat the objects gently heat the are around it.

Diesel Heaters

Our selection of diesel space heaters is extensive and offers a choice of high powered heaters for large areas or smaller heaters for more confined work spaces. These heaters are versatile as they give the user the possibility of using one of three fuel types - diesel, paraffin or kerosene. These heaters are said to be more suitable for larger workshops and warehouses compared to electric or gas heaters due to their power and heat distribution. Also included in the diesel heaters section are infrared heaters (see below for more details).

Gas Heaters

A gas heater is perfect for many reasons including their ease of transportation - these heaters are extremely portable as the gas source can be disconnected easily and carried separately. Gas heaters also tend to give out a high heat and at an instant rate, they do not require any time to build up heat, giving you a direct source of heat and quickly when required.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are widely used for many reason, particularily in homes and smaller confined work spaces. These heaters are perfect for domestic use due to their portability and small size meaning they can be placed in most spaces in the home. Similar to the gas heaters, electric heaters need little to no time to heat up and heat the area needed.

Infrared Heaters - Electric

With the same heating method as the diesel infrared heaters, the electric version provide the same direct heat rather than wasting energy by heating an area. The electric heaters are perfect for confined spaces and areas with little to no ventilation - diesel heaters give off very little fumes and are clean burning, however in a small confined space these fumes may be more prominent.

110v Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are the ideal heater for many households or small garages/work spaces - in any work place that requires a 110v supply there are 110v supply heaters available to suit; these heaters are brilliant as they are cost effective, they can be small in size so they won't take up much room, they output their heat very quickly and effectively and they are portable.

Wall Mounted Heaters

Do you have a small room or a room with no floor space? Then an electric wall heater will be perfect for you - they are mounted to the wall saving on floor space.

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