Speedskim ST Speedskim® Plastering Rule.


Speedskim® Improves Quality of Finish With its unique combination of longitudinal rigidity and lateral flexibility Speedskim® achieves a flatter faster finish particularly on uneven substrates. Use on multi-finish, all backing plasters, one coat plaster systems and Renders…

Speedskim® – A full range of sizes for Use On:
• British Gypsum Multi-finish, Board Finish – including New Thistle Magnetic 
• Knauf MP75 & MP Finish
• Backing plasters – hardwall, bonding and many others
• One coat plaster systems
• Spray Plaster systems – British Gypsum, Knauf and Lafarge
• Traditional Sand & Cement and Lime Renders
• Monocouche Render Systems, Weber, K-Rend, Pro-Rend
• Tape Jointing and drywall compounds
• Decorating – General Filling, Smoothing and Trimming Vinyl Wall Coverings
• Traditional and Machine applied Latex self-leveling screeds

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