Ox Speedskim® Plastering Rule Range


The Ox Speedskim range is one of the most revolutionary plastering tools introduced to the market within the past years. These spatula rules have been known to hold a number of benefits both for the job and for the user; they are great for increasing meterage and improving the overall quality of the finish, as well as reducing the risk of injury through fatigue and RSI. The Speedskim range is available in a number of styles including metal flexible blade, plastic semi flexible blade and the NEW plastic flexible blade - these spatula rules are compatible with a clip on pole attachment and pole allowing the user to reach high ceilings and walls, eliminating the need for hop up plat forms, stilts or ladders.

Metal Flexible Blade

These Spatula Rules are brilliant for finishing many different renders and plaster, with their 0.3mm thick blade it makes them extremely flexible and leave a better finish than almost any other finishing spatula or trowel. 

Plastic Semi Flexible Blade

The plastic semi flexible spatula rule is a stiffer blade to the metal Speedskim, this is primarily used for flattening in but has been used widely for finishing and ruling off also.

Plastix Flexible Blade

The flexible plastic blade Speedskim finishing rule is newly introduced by Ox Tools, it is compatible with all gypsum based plasters, insulated rendering systems and traditional sand & cement renders. With its 1mm thick blade it is ideal for fine finishing plaster, drywall and tape & Jointing, as well as outperforming conventional feather edges and darbies giving the plaster a flatter, faster finish.


British Gypsum Multi-finish, Board Finish – including New Thistle Magnetic
Knauf MP75 & MP Finish
Backing plasters – hardwall, bonding and many others
One coat plaster systems
Spray Plaster systems – British Gypsum, Knauf and Lafarge
Traditional Sand & Cement and Lime Renders
Monocouche Render Systems, Weber, K-Rend, Pro-Rend
Tape Jointing and drywall compounds
Decorating – General Filling, Smoothing and Trimming Vinyl Wall Coverings
Traditional and Machine applied Latex self-leveling screeds

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