Plastering Skimming Spatula Rule For finishing and flattening


The plasterers skimming spatula's are a great selection of tools for all plasterers and have become an essential piece of equipment for all in the trade - these spatula's have been revolutionising the plastering game for years, with their selection of sizes, blade types and handle variations. Spatula's can be used for flattening in the plaster once it has been thrown on to the surface, whislt they can also be used for finishing the plaster work, leaving a fine finish and polish to the material. This is our range of top quality skimming spatula's.

Finish Spatula

The skimming finishing spatula is a flexible stainless steel finishing blades for finishing and smoothing wall & ceiling coats - This range of skimming spatulas are produced with a rigid aluminium bracket and two different stainless steel blade gauges; one for flattening and the other for finishing and smoothing. These spatulas can be used on plasters, spray finishes, multi finish, board finish, fillers, putties and jointing compounds, they are a fantastic finishing tool for any plasterer, with top benefits of them being their strong ergonomic handle for ease or use and their versatility on multiple materials. Our range of finishing spatulas come from some of the trades best brands including Refina, Nela Tools and Super Prof.

Plaziflex Roll Grip Spatula

The Refina Plaziflex skimming spatula rule are a great piece of equipment for all plasterers, its main functions is for finishing and polishing multi finish plasters and renders. These plastering rules are beneficial to the user due to their lightweight construction and handle style it makes them extremely easy to use and lowers fatigue and reduces the chance of injury through the arm, shoulder and wrist.

Flexible Metal Blade Roll Grip Spatula

A Flexible and comfortable skimming spatula, the roll grip plastering skimming spatula rule is perfect for fine finishing and polishing different plaster materials. A key benefit of the roll grip is the reduction on fatigue and with less chance of RSI due to their shape and their lightweight frame. These spatula's are compatible with a pole attachment, allowing you to reach high walls and ceilings, this cuts out the need for extra hop up / odd job platforms, stilts or ladders.

H-Grip Stiff and Flexible Blade Spatula

The plasterers skimming spatula rule is one of the most widely used plastering tools on today's market, and with so much variety it isn't hard to see why. The H-Grip skimming spatula is a brilliantly lightweight and rigid plastering rule available in two types of blade; the 0.3mm felxible blade and the 0.6mm stiff blade - the stiff blade is ideal for flattening in the plaster or render once it has been thrown on, followed by a float over the surface with a sponge float followed with a finish over the top with the 0.3mm flexible spatula rule. Shop our range of high quality and great value skimming spatula's below.

Pole Attachment

All of these spatula's in our range are available with pole attachments; these connect to the spatula and the pole is clipped into them - this is a brilliant feature to this skimming spatula range as it avoids the need for use of odd job hop up platforms, ladders and plastering stilts allowing you to reach high ceilings and walls.

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