PlaziFlex skimming spatula-rules


Refina's range of PlaziFlex products have been one of the fastest growing within the plastering trade; known for being extremely reliable, easy to use and leaving a fantastic finish. The PlaziFlex spatula-rule range has been regarded as one of the best spatula's on today's market, it is a tool especially useful for doing larger area's and are especially helpful for hard to reach walls and ceilings when used with the clip on handle.

PLAZIFLEX skimming spatula-rules

New PLAZIFLEX skimming spatula-rules are produced in 24", 32", 40" and 48" lengths with a 1.5mm semi-flexible plastic blade. The roll-grip frame can be fitted with a clip handle for ceiling work.

Clip on adjustable angle handle 608432 & Extension pole

The Refina PLAZIFLEX skimming spatula-rules can be used with Clip on adjustable angle handle 608432 & Extension pole 1-2m 608434; this is useful when trying to reach high walls and ceilings and eliminates the need for stilts, hop up platforms or ladders. 

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