PlaziFlex trowels and PlaziFlex skimming spatula-rules


Here at T For Tools we stock a wide range of plastering tools, from trowels to sponge floats, mixing drills to scratchers. This section is dedicated to our range of plastic PlaziFlex trowels and spatula rule's, including the foam and non foam back trowel blades, veried sizes of spatula's and plaziflex kit deals.


Refina Plaziflex trowels come in a variety of sizes starting from 12" and going to 28" (in foam back style); these trowels are available in the flexible foam back blade and also in the stiffer non foam / flat back blade. Our range of PlziFlex plastic trowels can be purchased as a single blade or with the interchangable handle to create the full trowel.

PlaziFlex Trowel 1.0mm Flexiback Blade

The Flexi Plaziflex replacement flex backed blade are a Flexible blade for finishing skim plaster. They have a blade thickness of 1mm

PlaziFlex Trowel 2.0mm Flatback Blade

The flat back design (J5) are produced with either a 1.5mm black plastic blade (semi-flexible) or 2.0mm grey plastic blade (semi-rigid).
The 2mm Plaziflex Replacement flat back semi-rigid blade is a stiffer blade for finishing plasters & renders.

Mini trowels for Plaziflex Blades

Have you got a single PlaziFlex blade and need a trowel? The Refina mini trowel is ideal as they are designed to slot into all PlaziFlex Blades to create the PlaziFlex Trowel, these trowels are available in rubber grip, leather grip, cork grip or wooden grip. They are of the highest standard, as is al of Refina's products, due to being manufacturered in Germany.

Plaziflex Spatula-Rule

The Refina Plaziflex spatula rule is a finishing spatula with a roll grip frame, designed for going over walls, ceilings and other surfaces on the final "trowel". These spatulas are available in several sizes to suit different working areas, and also to suit personal preference. With the plastic blade these are the perfect tool to use in conjunction with sponge floats to finish a plaster surface. The roll-grip frame can be fitted with a clip handle for ceiling work, cutting out the need for plastering stilts, hop ups or ladders.

RefinaTrowel holders

Leather and polyester trowel holders are available for the 12", 14", 16" & 18" PLAZIFLEX trowels. These help to protect the blade from damage.

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