Pressure Washer Range


T for tools stock the full range of pressure washers – from lightweight, portable models suitable for home use through to heavy duty jet washers suitable for commercial and agricultural use. We supply both electric and petrol driven pressure washers. We also stock Washer’s that Can Lift Water Directly form the Barrel, so there is no need for a mains Water Supply. Our washers and accessories are from top brands such as Draper, Sealey, Jefferson, ProPlus, Makita and Karcher.

Petrol Jet Washers

Are you looking for intense and efficient jet washing? Our range of petrol washers are perfectly suited to your needs - starting off at small portable washers ideal for washing dirt bikes and ATV's to our industrial 13HP washers ideal for car washign and larger vehicles and agricultural equipment. Petrol power washers are excellent for use on larger areas and for jobs where more distance will be covered as they do not require and power leads to be dragged about and no worry of tangling - with our petrol washers that draw from the barrel it makes cleaning even easier, no leads and no need for mains tap supply, simply drop into a barrel or any water source and you are ready to go!

Draw From Barrel

Being able to draw from a barrel / water source is one of today's main demands for any pressure washer, this is down to the convenience and ease of use of these washers. A petrol washer that can self feed has the capability of being used ANYWHERE as it does not require power leads and it does not need mains supply, making it perfect for rural and isolated jobs.

Electric Pressure Washer

Low capacity washers can have up to 25 times more power than an ordinary garden hose with medium and heavy duty washers having up to 100 times the power, electric power washers are perfect for all home owners for cleaning patio's, garden furniture, vehicles, bikes, windows, exterior walls and much more.

Hot Water Pressure Washer

With added grim fighting capabilities, how washers are a great investment for many people out there. Most hot washers are high capacity due to their nature and are perfect for cleaning tough dirt and muck, particualrily useful for agricultural or construction purposes. The energy created by the hot washer reduces the surface tension from the water allowing it to penetrate the grease and dirt, combined with a soap or detergent this is the perfect way of killing any stubborn dirt.

Pressure Washer Accesories and Soaps

Have you already got one of our top of the range jet washers? We also provide extra accessories and add ons for our products, as well as consumables such as soap and detergent. Accessories include extra nozzles, hose and larger add ons such as surface cleaners.

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