Flooring and Concrete Screeds


T For Tools stock a wide range of Marshalltown Concrete screeds, flooring screed and Concrete tamping screeds as well as a selection of LBW screeds and Aussie Screeds. Concrete screeds are ideal for tamping Concrete, bringing the cream to the top and causing the concrete to become more dense and stronger reducing the chance of crakcing. We also have a full range of Magnesium floats for smoothing the cream of the concrete making the job easier and leaving a better finish. 

LBW Screeds come in a selection of lengths from 1 Metre right up to 6.4 Metres; they are made from a lightweight yet strong 3mm aluminium and feature either a 80x40mm profile or 100x45mm profile. Aussie Screeds come with a balanced top handle with spirit bubble to ensure the user can see how level the surface is; they also feature a dual edge for cutting and smooth concrete and can be used by a single person regardless of the length due to it's handle and lightweight build.

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