Laser Levels & Laying Out


Shop our Ranger Of lasers and levels. Below is our range of laser levels and laying out tools, including the laser level market leading brand Topcon. Topcon is the number one selling Laser Level in UK and ireland.


Laser Levels Make a Bricklayers Job Much easier for laying out and setting foundations. The Laser Levels are a vital part of Laying out. Laser Levels allow Bricklayers to layout on the building site quickly and accurately
Todays laser levels have many benefits for the Builder. Laser Levels Make the brickies Job quicker and easier with Less labour involved. In the last ten Years or so the manufactures of laser levels have been able to dramatically reduce their cost, size and complexity of laser level so thats they are affordable and practical for many applications.

Rotary laser level.

The most popular level for the bricklayer is the Rotary laser level. Rotary lasers project a rotating dot to create a 360 degree line. A detector is used for reading the laser lines over a long distance. Most rotary lasers also have single line generators and plumb up, plumb down capabilities. Ideal for outdoor work, such as grading roads, laying foundations, or laying pipe, these are the most accurate and the most expensive laser levels, varying from  Manual and self-leveling options are available, and they can be operated by a remote control. Some rotary levels, designed for grading or foundation work, are so large they need to be mounted on a platform or a tractor

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