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Here at T For Tools we offer a wide range of builders & site tools, from brick layers hand tools to site boxes. View our selection of brickies & apprentice deals below for fantastic value offers on some of the top brands such as Marshalltown, Ox Tools, Draper, Stabila + Much More.

We supply some of the best deals and bundles for bricklayers, from smaller apprentice kits to the larger complete kit for the squad – not only are these provided at a great price, but they also save you time in searching for all the tools separately (through talking to many brickies daily, we have had a lot of feedback on how these deals are improving their shopping experience, with being so busy the kits are extremely convenient! At the end of the day, the kits were originally put together by local bricklayers). Even if you are unable to call into store for our packages, we offer a super-fast next day delivery service (we try to guarantee this but can’t, unforeseen circumstances can occur at any time), this service is great for anyone who doesn’t have the time to travel to us or who are too busy to get off the site – we can send our goods anywhere in the UK & Ireland.

Brick Splitter / Block Splitter

A great piece of equipment for all bricklayers; block splitters, or block cutters, are ideal for cutting a variety of different brick and block including concrete blocks, paving stones, brick and much more. The block cutters we provide cut 6” / 115mm, with a blade length of 16.5”.

Laser Levels & Laying Out

When setting foundations on site, a laser level is the perfect tool for them as it will make the job much easier and with extreme accuracy and less labour. Our main selling laser levels are the point laser, line laser and the rotary laser (which is the most popular) – these lasers project a rotating dot to create a 360 degree line, while using a detector for reading the line over a longer distance. Most rotary lasers also have single line generators and plumb up, plumb down capabilities; this is ideal for outdoor work, such as grading roads, laying foundations, or laying pipe, these are the most accurate and the most expensive laser levels, varying from manual and self-levelling options.

Site Box

Probably one of the most essential products any bricklayer, or anyone on a site, can purchase. Our site box range is exceptional and of the highest standard with the boxes available in a variety of sizes. Our bricklayers kit deals will feature site boxes / van vault boxes, we felt the need to include these in our kits as we have talked to many tradesmen who have had tools stolen – so if you are looking for the full kit, be sure to grab your site box for extra security and peace of mind knowing all of your tools are safe and locked away.

Spirit Level

Are you looking for a top quality, heavy duty spirit level for brick laying? Our range of levels are ideal for use on site due to their robust build, our brands including Stabila, Ox tools and Stanley Fatmax. Our range of Stabila brickies levels is one of the most popular one the market, including the widely used 96-2 yellow solid ribbed level and the 196-2 yellow ribbed level with hand grips – these two levels are regarded as the best money can buy. Through our ‘brickieskit5’ deal costing only £199, we provide a 2ft and 4ft solid ribbed level – these alone are known to retail at close to £150.

Power saw / Stihl Saw

For easy cutting on site, without the need for a corded grinder, why not invest in a petrol power saw? These machines are used on sites and have become one of our best selling products; used for cutting a variety of materials such as metal, brick, roof tiles, paving blocks, concrete and much more. Our best selling con saw is currently the Makita EK6100 with 12” blade diameter – this power 61cc saw is the ideal machine to have on site for any of your cutting needs! Closely behind is the Stihl TS410 12” power saw; the most recognised brand on the market for petrol saws, the build quality and reliability of these machines are next to perfect. Within our brickies kit deals we have included the Makita power saw complete with FREE diamond blade – if you wish to change to the Stihl Saw we would be happy to organise this for you.

Brick Trowel

Easily the biggest selling bricklayers tool, the brick trowel is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any brickie. Our range of brick trowels are of top quality, with our Marshalltown and W Rose trowels being American made. Regarded as the best brick trowel about, the Marshalltown 11” Philadelphia, or 1911, has been a massive seller for us since we first started stocking them many years ago, these have then allowed brickies to branch out into using different trowels to experiment with such as the Wide London pattern. Our second best selling brick trowel is the W Rose, similar to the Marshalltown these are from the USA and with their superior quality, they have been one of the best trending trowels.

Brick Profiles

At our bricklayers shop we also stock a variety of brick profiles and building profiles, from top brands across the UK & Ireland including Blakes Building Profiles and PT Profiles. Our selection of Blakes Building profiles include Internal Profiles, External Profiles and Intermediate Profiles; these are usually sold in pairs and are complete with the fixing kits required for setting up and erecting the brick work. If these are not suited to your work or your styles of working, we also stock a range of aluminium box section profiles – these come in 2 metre, 2.5 metre and 3 metre depending on your needs. These profiles are versatile as they can be used internally or externally, only the clamps needing changed for the job in hand – we stock a wide range of brick clamps to suit these box section profiles, supplied by Ox Tools. Our clamps include external, internal, sliding external and nail on clamps, we also have available extra Ox profile fixtures such as Dori Blocks and Mortar Spikes.

Other Brick Layers Tools

The products we have talked about above are not the only brickies tools we supply, these are simply some of the main items that feature within our brickies kits. Our range of bricklayers hand tools includes line pins, corner blocks, brick hammers, bolster and chisels, brick tongs, masons spikes, jointers, chariots, pole jointers, masonry brushes, brickmate tapes, gloves, lump hammers and much more! These smaller hand tools are also extremely essential to any bricklayer on site, that is why we have included a selection of these in our brickies kit.



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