Brick Trowel


Brick trowels are the most widely used tool for any bricklayer, they are essential to the day to day jobs required. Our range of bricklayers trowels are of exceptional quality and are brought to you by some of the market leaders such as Marshalltown and W Rose. We stock a selection of different styles and sizes of brick trowel, including the popular Philadelphia pattern trowel and the Wide London pattern, we also have these trowels available in a variety of sizes including 10", 11" and 12". Do you have a specific preference when it comes to you trowel grip? Our Marshalltown trowels come in a range of different handles to suit everyone's needs such as Leather, plastic, wooden and Durasoft (rubber). 

Philadelphia Pattern

The best Trowel if you prefer a trowel for laying block and brick. The sizes of trowels available are  10” 11” and 12” - these Philadelphia pattern brick trowels are usually referred to as a 1910, a 1911, a 1912. Philadelphia pattern trowels are better suited for laying blocks because they allow for more mortar to be placed on the blade.

Wide London Pattern

If you prefer a wider trowel, the Wide London Pattern Brick Trowels are the ideal trowels for you. Wide London pattern trowels can be used for laying brick or blocks, the rounded heel places the mortar further forward on the blade then the Philadelphia style trowels. On The Wide London Pattern bricklaying Trowel the heel has rounded edges.

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