OX Building Profiles & Clamps


OX Tools is one of the UK's leading names in the tool industry, with products over various lines to suit a number of trades. They have a fantastic range of building profile clamps for brickies - these clamps range from internal, external, sliding clamps, dori blocks and mortar spikes. Paired with box section profiles these make the perfect kit for brick laying as the size of clamp and profile needed can be changed easily. 

Brick profiles; also known as building profiles, builder’s profiles or corner profiles are essentially a tool used for building walls whilst providing an accurate guideline to build it straight and plumb. Whether you are building internally or externally, the Ox Tools building profiles come with a range of different clamps to suit this - the same profile lengths will do both internal and external, saving you money as you only need to purchase different types of clamps. Ox Tools building profiles, in particular, are used by placing a length of aluminium box section profile (80mm x 40mm) next to a course of brick and by using the desired clamps to clamp the profile to the brick.


Why Are Ox Tools Brick Profiles Used?

Ox Bricklayers building profiles are ideal equipment for building a course of brick easily, whilst maintaining the quality of the build ensuring it is level, plumb and square. They also increase the speed in which a wall can be built as they remove the need for the bricklayer to build up corners first.


How Are Ox Tools Brick Profiles Used?

Ox Tools Building Profiles consist of two key components; the aluminium box section profile and the Ox brick clamp. Depending on what type of wall you are building, whether it is internal or external then this will be the factor in which clamps you must use. The lengths are clamped to the course of brick using the brick clamps; once they are clamped in a string line can be run from one end to the other, this will give the brickie a guideline to ensure it is plumb, straight and square.


Different Variations of Ox Tools Building Profiles & Clamps


Ox Tools External Building Profiles and Clamps

Ox external building profiles are used on the outside of wall corners, using a variety of different clamps (depending on what you are used to or the requirements of the job). The size of brick clamp will always be dependent on the mortar joints available around the profile and are available in 3 different types; P100307 180mm External, P100312 330mm External and P101213 330mm Sliding Clamp. Both the 180mm and 330mm external clamps are fixed to those sizes, whereas the 330mm sliding clamps gives the user the flexibility of choosing the size required simply by sliding the clamp jaw up and down.


Ox Tools Internal Building Profiles and Clamps

Internal brick profiles are very much similar to external profiles and are used in the same manner, except for the clamps – the clamps tend to be facing outwards rather than inwards to suit the shape of the profile against the internal corner. These profiles are set up to be used on the inside of wall corners and are used when building interior housing walls. There is also more than one option for internal brick clamps, they are available in P102007 178mm and P102012 300mm – again these are used depending on the mortar joints on the wall that you are building.


Ox Tools Nail on Brick Clamps P102114

Ox Tools also have a nail on version of their external brick profile (P102114) – these clamps are used on external building profiles and clamp to the profile length just like any other external clamp, the difference is how they clamp/grip to the mortar joint. These clamps use small “nails” that can be adjusted in several places of the clamp depending where your mortar joint is, and will nail into the soft mortar rather than having to clamp into the empty joint.


Ox Tools Dori Block Line holders P100950

As part of all building profiles it is essential to use string line, or masons brick line, to ensure that the course is being built straight, square and plumb. When your profile is completely set up, you can clamp one of the Ox P100950 Dori Blocks to the aluminium box section, this will act as the line holder allowing you to run a length of brick line from one corner to the other.

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