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Blakes Building Profiles is one of the best in the market when it comes to brick profiles; their range of external, internal and intermediate profiles make them one of the most used brands by bricklayers. Not only are they top quality they are also very reliable and spare parts are extremely easy to come by.

Blakes External Corner Profile

Usually sold in pairs, the profile is erected after three courses have been laid and allowed to go off over night. The original purpose of the Blakes External Profile was to allow the construction of walls without the need to build up corners first. The time saved and greater accuracy have made this the accepted method of construction for 1000’s of satisfied users – they never go back to constructing corners in the old traditional way.

We recommend that lines be taken from corner profile to corner profile. The ideal configuration for a simple 4 wall structure is to erect a Blakes Building Profile on each corner and pass a line form profile to profile using the Nylon Line Holders provided and raise the line after each course. Often used by 2 bricklayers working on one structure and using a pair of profiles each. The line can be taken from pins or from corner blocks on an existing corner or doorway – but easier movement and better accuracy is achieved by mounting the line completely on Blakes Building Profiles. Each profile is 2m long which allows effectively 1.82m (6ft) of courses to cover the first lift, before the Blakes Profile is moved up to cover the second lift.

Blakes Intermediate Profile

Usually sold in pairs, the profile was designed to carry a line on a flat wall. Sometimes referred to as a deadman profile to support a long line, although it is often used in this way it is probably the most versatile profile. Other applications include, on a 3 wall extension taking the line either from an existing wall to the first Blakes Corner Profile and then receiving the line form the second Blakes Corner Profile enabling the entire build area to be covered by profile supported lines. Where a wall is erected between 2 existing walls (i.e. dividing a room in two – a Blakes Intermediate Profile can be erected on the first 2 courses at each end of the new wall to carry the line closely and accurately.

Squint corners – any corner that is not 90 degrees – 2 can be used to cover an internal corner although one Blakes Reverse External Profile is a more cost effective alternative. Large gable ends, where the Blakes External Corner Profile is not long enough on the second lift to cover the top courses.

Blakes Reverse External Profile (Internal)

Sold in pairs or individually, used to cover internal corners usually used by customers completing large new build where the structure is ‘L’ shaped and therefore has 5 external corners and one internal corner.

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