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Shop the Biggest range of Bricklaying Tools in UK & Ireland. The Brickies Tool Shop at Supply a massive range of bricklaying tools, Shop our Range of Brick Trowels, Brick Profiles, Laser Level Sabila spirit levels, Brickies levels, Block Splitters, Brick Jointer, Brick Hammers and more, Shop online or call in store.

The T For Tools Brickies store on our Social media platform we provide updated bricklaying job posts for all bricklaying Jobs and related jobs. If you are fed up scrolling through bricklaying jobs online, latest bricklaying job boards, or simply looking for bricklaying job opportunities then look no further. At T For Tools we believe in helping our returning customers and building a working community. Our bricklaying job section is updated regularly by real trade’s men with current work looking for skilled brickies ready for work. All bricklayerjobs will be current and will be a direct contact for you to discuss terms, duration etc.  Live jobs and new listings will be advertised on our website, updates on new job listings will be made through our facebook group so join up and stay informed and enjoy the banter.

Whether you lay brick or lay block we have the brick laying and building tools to suit you. It is vital that you as a professional bricklayer or the bricklaying apprentice to have the right trowel and tools for the Job.

Brickies / Bricklayer deals

T For Tools offer bricklayers a wide range of Builders, Bricklaying  & Site tools, from brick layers hand tools to site boxes. We have put together for you some of the best deals on Brick laying tools. These kits include the best bricks tools and the top brands for Bricklayers. Are you currently working across a few sites?  Do you need a spare Set of Tools? If yes our Deals are perfect for you and your Bricklaying Squad.

Brick Profiles

The Brickies Tool Shop at T for Tools are Irelands Leading Supplier of Brick Profiles and Bricklaying Tools. For Fast delivery trough Ireland Shop from our range of Brick Profiles, building profiles and Aluminium Section bricklaying Profiles.

Our range of brick Profiles include a variety of Brick Layers building profiles including Blakes Building Profiles and Ox Tools Box Section Profile and clamps. The range of building profiles include internal, external, intermediate and PT profiles, as well as a range of spare parts and clamps for various applications. With the variety of products available it is almost guaranteed that we will have something to suit all brick layers. Buy now for Fast Delivery all over Ireland

Brick and Block Splitter

The builders Block Splitter cuts 6” / 150mm. This bricklayer brick & block splitter has a blade length of 16.5" and a cutting height of 6" for cutting concrete block, paving stones, Brick and Block.

Spirit Levels

Among our wide range of bricklaying tools we have many spirit Levels on offer  to suit you the Brickie. Our Top selling Brickies and masons levels are the Stabila Level, Stanley Fatmax Level, OX Level. Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders! View below our range of Top selling Spirit levels for bricklayers

Laser Levels & Laying Out

Laser Levels Make a Bricklayers Job Much easier for laying out and setting foundations. The Laser Levels are a vital part of laying out. Laser Levels allow bricklayers to layout on the building site quickly and accurately. Todays laser levels have many benefits for the Builder. Laser Levels Make the brickies Job quicker and easier with Less labour involved. In the last ten Years or so the manufactures of laser levels have been able to dramatically reduce their cost, size and complexity of laser level so thats they are affordable and practical for many applications. The main type of laser level are point laser, line laser and Rotary laser. The most popular level for the bricklayer is the Rotary lasers level. Rotary lasers project a rotating dot to create a 360 degree line. A detector is used for reading the laser lines over a long distance. Most rotary lasers also have single line generators and plumb up, plumb down capabilities. Ideal for outdoor work, such as grading roads, laying foundations, or laying pipe, these are the most accurate and the most expensive laser levels, varying from manual and self-leveling options are available, and they can be operated by a remote control.


Here at T for Tools we supply the Brick laying trade with a range of Consaw / Power saws & Blades. Our range includes Makita Con Saw and Stihl consaw which are the Best Selling petrol Saw. The con saws are perfect for all site workers for cutting many materials including Metal, Brick and Block, Roof Tiles, Paving Blocks, Concrete and many other materials. The top seller in our range of consaws is the MAKITA EK6100 Petrol Power SAW / Con Saw 305mm (12") 61CC 2-stroke engine - which replaces DPC6430, we also sell the top of the range Stihl saw - the TS410 and TS420 are available to order at your request.

Line Pins

Our Range of line Pins includes the original Footprint Line pins, Made with Sheffield steel for High strength. Other Brands of Line pins in our range include Draper Line Pins and Ox Line Pins.

Ox Bricklaying

A great tool company originating from Australia, Ox Tools have made a name for themselves on many markets of the trade; especially the building game. Their range of brickies tools has come on drastically and has seen them rise to be known as one of the best about, with their selection of bricklaying trowels, line pins, brick grabs, corner blocks, profile clamps and much much more.

Other Brick Layers tools Available

Not only do we supply a range of the above items, but we also offer an extensive range of extra brick laying tools. Brick lines come in a selection of types and sizes, our biggest selling Marshalltown braided line is one of the best on the market for strength; we also sell line / corner blocks that are used together with building profiles and any brick line. Brick hammers are readily available here with us either in store or to order online, including top brands such as Estwing and Draper expert; these brick hammers are ideal for all brickies for breaking up stone and cutting brick via use of the long chisel side. A brick grab is an essential piece of equipment for all brick layers, allowing them to lift multiple brick or block at once using a clamping mechanism - the brick tong is one of the most widely used tools on the site for brickies, available from brands such as Marshalltown, Draper Expert and Ox. Measurement is vital when it comes to sites and building any form of structure, everything has to be perfect of it to work - our range of measuring equipment will ensure that measurements are carried out and with ease. Safety is a must on any site, both from health and safety's side and for your own peace of mind - here we stock a great selection of work boots that are perfect for everyday, all day, use. Our top seller of boots is from Grisport, one of the leading names in the work safety boot market.

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