Marshalltown Brick Laying & Building Trowels


In the bricklaying Trade Marshalltown are one of the trades leading and most recognised names. T for Tools are proud to supply the Best range of Bricklaying tools from one of the longest serving brands. We provide you with Marshalltown Brickies trowels including the Philadelphia and London patterns. There is a wide range of tools available to suit the Bricklayer and the Block Mason. It is vital that the bricklayer has the Tools and equipment for setting out and squaring. Whether you lay brick or lay Block we have the trowel to suit you. There is a wide Range of Brick trowels available. It is vital that you as a profession Bricklayer of the Bricklaying apprentice I Ireland have the right trowel for the Job. Some bricklayers state that a good trowel is judged by the lift on the trowel and other brick layer just the trowel by the spring in the Blade.

Types Of Marshalltown Brick Trowels

Philadelphia Pattern Brick Trowels

The best Trowel if you prefer a trowel for laying block and brick. The sizes of trowels available are  10” 11” and 12”. Marshalltown Brick Trowel Philadelphia Pattern usually referred to as a 1910, a 1911, a 1912. Philadelphia pattern trowels are better suited for laying blocks because they allow for more mortar to be placed on the blade. On the Marshalltown Philadelphia Pattern The heel has sharp angles. These Trowels are Forged from a single piece of high carbon steel, then heat treated for strength and durability.

Wide London Pattern Brick Trowels

If you prefer a wider trowel, the Marshalltown 3410, 3411 and 3412 are referred to as the Wide London Pattern Brick Trowels. Wide London pattern trowels can be used for laying brick or blocks. The rounded heel places the mortar further forward on the blade then the Philadelphia style trowels. On The London Pattern Marshalltown Bricklaying Trowel the heel has rounded edges. All Marshalltown Brick Trowels are Forged from a single piece of high carbon steel, then heat treated for strength and durability. The Blade is taper ground and polished. On Marshalltown brick Trowels the Handle rise is set for correct hang and balance. Due to the design on these London Pattern Marshalltown Bricklaying Trowel the Impact area is extra strong.

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