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Here at T For Tools we offer a wide range of the very best Milwaukee products available on the market, known for their productivity and durability they are the perfect tool for the professional tradesman. We have various products to choose from such as SDS Drills, Impact Wrenches, Mitre saws, The NEW 9.0Ah Li-ion Batteries & Much More.

Multi Packs

Are you looking to gather a power tool kit? Are you in need of revamping your gear? Milwaukee offer a selection of kits that meet different needs and to suit various trades; these kits are ideal due to their core contents and accessories – drills, impact drivers, circular saws, multi tools, grinders plus more, they also come with batteries, chargers and a bag or a case. These kits are great as they save money, buying power tools separately can be expensive.

ONE-KEY Technology

Introducing Milwaukee's new ONE-KEY™ technology range; the first digital platform for tools and equipment. Combining a free-to-use inventory program with the industry’s smartest tools, ONE-KEY™ provides a new level of control and access to information that will revolutionize the way work gets done. Get started today to streamline your productivity.


With the new ONE KEY technology it allows users to be in full control of their tools; the heavy duty high torque impact wrench, M18ONEFHIWF12, comes with four power settings, and with ONE KEY these settings can be changed to the exact amount of torque needed.

Twin Packs

A twin pack is an essential purchase for many tradesmen across all trades, from joiners to mechanics. These kits come in various combinations and are ideal for saving money and time when trying to gather a range of tools for yourself. Our range of twin packs include combi drill and impact drivers, combi drills and angle grinders, and combi drills with impact wrenches – this selection is diverse and offers something to all trades. When purchasing a twin pack it is a great way to save on money as batteries can be expensive, with most if not all kits will include at least one to two batteries for your tools.

Combi / Percussion Drills

With their raw power and versatility, combi drills / cordless drills are one of the most used power tools on the market, with the capability of drilling holes it also has the drill/driver option which is used to drive screws through thick woods – these options gives the user a new dynamic to their work as they can carry out both functions with the one tool. Milwaukee’s range of combi drills are very robust over most of its competitors. These tools can be used for drilling wood, metal and even concrete/masonry – masonry drilling is ideal with these as it has a hammer setting.

Impact Driver

These drivers use a hex chuck with Philips or Pozi bits where high torque is needed, perfect for driving screws into dense woods. These are used instead of a combi drill due to their compact size and their capability of driving screws faster and harder; they are perfect alongside a combi drill as it gives you full power in both drilling with the combi drill) and high power when driving screws (the impact driver). Milwaukee’s new technology called “SURGE” has been introduced in their impact drivers, making it the quietest cordless fastening solution on the market to date.

Impact Wrench

An impact wrench, or impact gun, is a powerful and robust tool used primarily used for tightening and removing nuts and bolts through the application of a socket using delivery of high torque. These are used in many industries but mainly by mechanics, machinery engineers, product assembly and more. These tools are bulkier and heavier than your impact drivers and combi drills but are much more powerful and can be purchased with a number of different drive size including ¼”, ½”, ¾” and 1”. With Milwaukee’s new ONE KEY technology it has revolutionised the use of their impact wrenches, this technology gives you the ability to customise the power settings on the wrench to the exact torque (newton meters) that you require.

Heavy Duty High Torque Wrench

The Milwaukee heavy duty impact wrench with high toque output (M18ONEFHIWF12) is one of the best impact guns on the market, its 1897nm of torque and ONE KEY technology makes it useful for both small and larger applications, as well as being fully customisable and traceable.

Mid-torque Impact Wrench

A great alternative to the heavy duty impact wrench, this lightweight impact gun only weighs 1.7kg and is 50mm shorter, giving you plenty of torque in tight and confined spaces.

Angle Grinders

The angle grinder is a widely used tool within all trades, it is used for cutting, grinding and polishing through the use of different discs, blades and attachments. Milwaukee have a selection of angle grinders including corded and cordless, in sizes 4.5” and 9” – corded angle grinders tend to have more power output due to the continuous supply of power, however cordless grinders are portable and do not require a power supply, making them versatile and more convenient.

Cordless Grinders

Are you in an environment where corded tools just won’t cut it? Milwaukee’s range of battery angle grinders are ideal for different trades and levels; these grinders paired with the NEW 9.0ah batteries make an unstoppable combination.

FUEL Grinder

This revolutionary piece of equipment is one of the most popular pieces of equipment, with it’s high RPM and rapid stop this angle grinder is one of the best on the market. It’s FUEL brushless motor means there is no need for changing brushes, prolonging the motors life and increasing productivity.

Corded Grinder

Are you in need of major power and output from your angle grinder? Milwaukee also offer a corded range of tools, these grinders are available in both 4½” and 9” sizes to suit many needs and sizes of cuts and services.

SDS Drills and Kangos

A hammer drill, or SDS drill, is a rotary drill with a hammering action function, chipping away at the material whilst rotating the bit to help with drilling. These drills come in various types and tend to have 3 modes – rotary hammer, hammer only and rotation only, giving versatility to you whilst using it. When using hammer only, or kango, it gives a heavy punch to break up material such as concrete and bricks. Milwaukee has a range of SDS drills including corded, cordless both in 12v and 18v.

Cordless SDS Drills & Kango’s

One of the most widely used Milwaukee items on the market, the SDS drills and Kango hammers give amazing power and versatility on the go without the need for mains supply and transformers on site.

18v Range

The 18v Milwaukee line is one of the biggest ranges of power tools, with a massive variety of tools, including the 18v SDS drills. The 18v SDS and kango range includes the 2.7 Joules SDS Hammer drill and the heavy duty 4.3 Joules four mode SDS drill.

28v SDS Drill

The Milwaukee 28v SDS drill is one of the most powerful SDS drills available and delivers a massive 4.5 joules of impact energy making it the hardest hitting hammer in its class.


Site and job radios are an ideal piece of equipment for anyone on site, allowing them to stay tuned to their favourite radio stations. Milwaukee offer a variety of radio types, including a smaller 12v radio and bigger 18v radios with DAB tuning.

12v Radio

The 12v radio from Milwaukee is the ideal compact and portable radio for use on the go, great in smaller spaces.

18v Radio

The radios from Milwaukee also come in 18v, these are bigger and more robust than the 12v radios; these are perfect for anyone with a Milwaukee kit and a selection of 18v batteries. The NEW site radio includes DAB, allowing you to pick up more channels than ever.

M12 Range

The Milwaukee M12 cordless power tools system is the industries leader for power and durability in a power tools in such a compact size, all powered by Milwaukee's fantastic REDLITHIUM battery technology. POWERSTATE® Milwaukee own designed, engineered and built brushless motors giving such compact tools the power needed by turning energy into torque and power more effectively and efficiently. This 12v range is available for tools such as circular saws, drills, impact drivers and radios.

12v Cordless Drill and Impact Driver

The combi drill and impact driver twin pack is only one example of Milwaukee’s fantastic M12 range – these are better suited to small and confined work places as they are extremely lightweight yet generate an immense amount of power through their POWERSTATE technology.

Batteries and Chargers

One of the best batteries on the market, the Milwaukee 18v REDLITHIUM battery delivers exceptional power with longer run times and superb durability across all tools – these 18v batteries are available in 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah and the new 9.0Ah batteries. Included in Milwaukee’s range is the M12 cordless power tool system – a compact range of tools powered by smaller 12v batteries, available individually and as part of packages. We also stock the Milwaukee charger range, including the new fast charger, suitable for charging 18v and 12v batteries.


With the growing need for cordless tools, their batteries are the most important piece to go with them – All cordless power tools will have a need for a different size of battery depending on their power output. Milwaukee have a selection of different sizes including the 12v range and 18v range in 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0ah and 9.0Ah.

18v Batteries

The 18v range from Milwaukee offers some of the most modern and revolutionary power tools on the market, and that doesn’t exclude their batteries. Their RED Lithium technology delivers exceptional power to the tools with increased life.

9.0ah Battery

The M18B9 RED Lithium 18v 9.0Ah battery is designed by Milwaukee to suit all high demand power tools within their 18v range, including their bandsaws, angle grinders, mitre saws, hammer drills plus more) – this is ideal for replacing corded tools as these batteries give massive power, more than 15% more than the 5.0ah batteries, while maintaining a long life span.


Milwaukee offer a range of different chargers to suit all users needs, depending on the kit they have and on what their requirements are. 12v chargers are available for charging the batteries from the M12 range, while M12-18RC chargers can be used to charge both 12v and 18v batteries at a rapid speed. They also have a selection of multibay multi chargers perfect for teams of workers or for someone with a massive Milwaukee kit.

Cases and Bags

An essential part to any tradesman’s kit, a case or carry bag is one of the vital items that must be purchased. Although most kits come with a case or a bag, damage and wear and tear comes standard; we stock a selection of Milwaukee cases and bags to suit a variety of different kits.


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