Hitachi Power Tools

T For Tools of Lurgan is one of the UK & Ireland's leading suppliers of the Hitachi Power Tools range, stocking products such as drills, angle grinders, nail guns and more.


Angle grinders are one of the most commonly and diversly used power tools on the market and have been for many years, they have the capability of being used for stone cutting and grinding, metal cutting, buffing down, smoothing and much more. They come in a range of varieties, including cordless and corded whilst being available various sizes from 4.5" to 9".

Cordless Angle Grinder

Battery angle grinders have revolutionised the power tool game over the years, eliminating any need for leads and reels to be used on site, making the work place a tidier and safer environment. Cordless grinders are normally very heavy on battery life, but with new technology on the market batteries are becoming more and more durable and suited to the cordless power tool range.

Corded Angle Grinder

Corded angle grinders have been one of the most used tools of the trade for years, these are very useful for body repair shops, mechanics, workshops, engineers and builders. These grinders are usually extremely powerful and are exceptional for heavy duty work.

Nail Gun

Hitachi are one of the leading suppliers on the market for cordless nail guns right now, with their range of first fix and second fix. These nailers come in a variety of sizes and finishes, including straight and angled. Cordless nail guns are great for doing away with the need for leads or compressors and air lines.

Cordless Nail Gun

Cordless nailers have become the most reliable and convenient nailers for any trade in use of them, with having no cords or hoses coming from them it makes it much safer and offering better mobility - roofing is made much easier as these nailers don't have to be connected up to a compressor with long lengths of air hose coming from them. Battery powered nailers are available in gas and gasless driven.

Gas Nail Gun

A Gas nailer is a type of nail gun that uses a spark plug to ignite a fuel cell, pushing the piston down the chamber and driving the nail into the required material.

Gasless Nail Gun

These cordless nailers are a dream for DIYers and tradesmen, avoiding tangled air hoses and the noise of compressors, they also are lower to maintain than cordless gas nailers due to them not need gas or fuel cells to operate.

Circular saw

Circular Saws, or widely known as skill saws, are a commonly used saw in the joinery trade for cutting lengths of wood with a toothed blade, they are also used for cutting different types of metal using either a toothed blade or abrasive disc.

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