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T for Tools stock Brands and are Authorised agents For Many Brands including Sealey, Draper, Jefferson, Milwaukee, Panasonic, Makita, Irwin, Marshalltown, Refina, Refina Plaziflex and Superflex Speed Skimming Tools, Hitachi, Draper Expert, Benson, Tala, Youngman, Harris T-Class, Powerplus, Proplus, De Veille, RST, Stanley, Priory Scaffolding Tools, Estwing, ToolMate US Pro, Ramboo, Quoin Cutters, Bahco, Blakes Building Profiles, PT Building Profiles, Snickers, Eibenstock, Sur Stilts, Silverline, Econo-Heat, Sanli, Honda and Many Others 

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