REFINA 16" Deal Superflex & Plaziflex Trowel 6" WATER BRUSH ORANGE SPONGE FLOAT

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REFINA 16" Speed Skimming Set Deal
16" Superflex Trowel 
16" Plaziflex Trowel
6" Harris Delta Wall Brush
Orange Sponge Float

Refina Speed Skimming Superflex Stainless Steel Trowel & Plaziflex Trowel Special Offer   With 6" Delta T-Class Wall Brush and an Orange Sponge Float 

REFINA 16" Speed Skimming Set 228196 Superflex Trowel & 228176 Plaziflex Trowel ( blade and trowel ) With Delta T-Class 6" Wall Brush & Orange Sponge Float 


  • Refina stainless steel trowels are of the highest quality
  • The Superflex skimming trowel has an ultra flexible stainless steel blade
  • The Plaziflex trowel includes a mini trowel and blade
  • The replacement Plaziflex blades are available in a range of sizes

 Refina 228176 Foam Back Flexible Plaziflex trowel (Blade and Handle)

  • 16" Plaziflex Plastic Trowel
  • Ref: 228176
  • Plaziflex plaster trowel 16"
  • Includes standard mini trowel (221021)
  • Sponge backed blade (228177)
  • Flexible blade for finishing skim plasters
  • Size 410x140mm


New Plaziflex Skimming Trowels

  • The Plaziflex plastic skimmers are a new type and design of trowel for applying and finishing multi finish plaster. The trowels are made from plastics of different thicknesses and stiffness to give the properties required.
  • Available in two versions, with and  without foam cushioning.
  • The cushioned trowels are ideal for contoured and curved surfaces such as swooped ceilings. The trowels do not need breaking in and will give an excellent finish straight away. They are safer to use than steel trowels with no sharp edges to cut or injure
  • They allow much earlier and faster recoating of previously applied gauges. Old and new surfaces can be blended more easily and are excellent for plastering over old Artex
  • Because of their construction, they are much more comfortable and less tiring to use than steel trowels, allowing plasterers to complete jobs to a high standard faster and with much less effort.
  • Plaziflex are used for the final trowel of the finishing coat. They skim without the aid of water and leave a good polished finish on the surface. Can be used for trowelling up, flattening, skimming and finishing

Refina 228196 Superflex speed skimming Trowel 16" x 4.75" 

• RF16 Superflex Skimming Trowel
• Size 410 x 125 mm
• super flat plastering trowels
• the straightest finishing edge
• slightly radiused corners
• machine chamfered side edges
• chrome stainless steel, rust free
• fully riveted
• pre-worn in ready for use on finish plasters
• guaranteed one year for trade use
• produced with soft handle
• made in Germany

Harris Delta T-Class 6" 150mm Plastering Water / Wall Brush

Product Feature

Natural bristle
Copper ferrule to prevent rusting
large brush for bigger jobs
Fine quality wooden handle
Long length bristle for extra paint holding capacities

Product Description

The T-class Delta 6 inch wall brush are made from natural bristle and feature the finest quality wooden handle and top nailed copper ferrule to prolong the life of the brush. The brush is ideally suited for water or oil based paints, there long filaments and wide length means they are great for larger interior areas and the fine bristle will leave a fantastic finish on any wall.


  • Fine Rubber Sponge Float
  • The perfect tool for the professional plasterer
  • ( Rough / Coarse ) grade rubber sponge provides the best results possible
  • Size 280mm x 140mm
  • Replacement Sponges available

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